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Your Money Matters Membership

What they don't want you learning about your finances. 

Worker with Ladder

Helping You Retire with More Money

Create Your Personalized Money Blueprint

Attend Monthly LIVE Finance Coaching 

Immediate Access to The
Premier 13-Module Course

Not your average _______

Hosted by the voted #1 financial planning firm's certified fiduciaries Bryan Bradford and Cathryn Porter.

Your Membership Journey


Get Immediate access to
13 video lessons 


Step-by-step instructions teaching you how to become the master of your money.


Add the Monthly 
Coaching calls to your calendar

Get coached monthly to achieve your personal money goals quicker while learning from others in a group setting.


JOin the

We are stronger together. Studies show that you can do hard things when you feel a part of a community. Come meet your tribe!


Schedule your 
Custom Wealth Blueprint Call

This customized experience gives you persoanlized steps to retiring with more money.

Grow your net worth and retire with cash!
Boxing Training

with money

Are you using money or is money using you?

What gotyou hereisn't goingto get youwhere youwant to go

We got finance degrees so you don't have to.

bryan bradford headshot.jpeg
Bryan Bradford

Bryan is a minister and army veteran the heart of a teacher. He has helped hundreds of every day americans become financially independent.

Bryan has helped raise millions of dollars for non-profits and started his own 501c3 as a disabled veteran turned money guru.

Cathryn Porter

Cathryn is paving her way into the top 2% of women that have a finance degree as a certified financial planner.

Her advice on how to save for your littles is worth the cost of the membership alone. 

Cathryn is a boy mom of 2 and loves boating every weekend in the summer.

Cathryn Porter Headshot_edited_edited.jpg

"What you know got you here.

What I know can get you out." -Bryan Bradford

Made for you.
The everyday American.

"What you know got you here.

What I know can get you out." -Bryan Bradford


Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.


Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.


Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

Why is now the time to learn how to grow your wealth?

Its not too late

to get rich.

Finances wern't taught in schools so it isn't your fault. You don't know what you don't know.

You can still win!

80% of retired people don't have $1,000 to their name. We can teach you how to grow your networth and retire with cash.

The system is

against you.

Between debt build up and scammers stealing your identity you have a lot to lose.

Become THE blessing.

Serving is selfish.

Increase your happiness by learning to give in a way that financially benefits your wallet.

Who should join this membership?

The retiree

Increase your net worth even on a fixed income.

The 20 something 

YouTube will lead you astray. Learn whats right from the beginning before having to go bankrupt figuring it out.

The dreamers

You finally have your dream career and now you need to increase saving for your future.

The overworked

You think you're stuck working for the rest of your life, but its never too late to increase your savings and create a future you never thought you could have. 

Grow Your Money Tree

How will this membership help you?

Create a legacy that can change your family tree forever.

Be able to selfishly spoil your littles without the stress and losing sleep. 


Build wealth safely that you can rely on when you need it most.

Leave work behind and retire with confidence.


Stop arguing with your spouse about money. 

Improve your love life without marriage counceling.


Leave the anxiety and worry behind to create a new level of happiness and comfort.

Instead of checking your credit card balances watch your net worth grow. 


"Becoming financially independent isn't just about you. It's about leaving generational wealth for your family" -Cathryn Porter

What you're going to learn.

Get immediate access to the Your Money Matters finance course when you join.

Grow your money tree.

Your Money Matters Course Curriculum

Lessons 1-5

Till Your Soil

Create Your Plan

Lessons 6-9

Plant Your Seeds

Increase Your Networth

Lessons 10-15

Gather Your Harvest

Spend without Worry

Till Your Soil

Your Transformation

In this first phase of the course you will learn how to get rid of your debt, create your pathway to success and increase your savings. At the end of this phase 1 of the course you will be ready to start your investment journey and begin building wealth.

The Lessons

1. Your psychology of money/ your perception/ how you view money ie- keeping up with the Joneses

2. Emergency Savings

3. Debt Management

4. Identiy/Money Protection

5. Budget

Plant Your Seeds

Your Transformation

In this second phase of the course you will learn the ABCs of investing. At the end of this phase you will be ready to start stacking cash for yourself and loved ones. 

The Lessons

6. Giving

7. Insurance- risk management tools

8. Investing- financial instrument basics

9. Retirement and Qualified Plans

Gather Your Harvest

Your Transformation

In this third phase of the course you will learn that increasing your net worth gets to happen now and forever. At the end of this phase you will be ready to retire happily. Insure your family's security with confidence and ease.

The Lessons

10. Saving/Planning for littles/family 

11. Taxation for W2 employed worker and self-employed, tex categories (federal, state, income), no such thing as loopholes only tax law. Learn small business setup, write-offs, kids on payroll, how to side hustle.

12. Inheritance- receiving 

13. Social Security 

15. Legacy Planning- wills, trusts, power of attorney

Credit Card

Personalized Wealth Blueprint

Get assigned with the right financial planner for you


Schedule your complimentary session

Leave with a custom blueprint that outlines what you need to do to reach your money goals


Join today for these special features.
Dollar Bills

Lifelong Access to the Online 

Even after you decide to leave the membership keep your seat in the Your Money Matters online community. 

Ask questions, get answers and meet other Americans that are beating the system just like you.

Join The Membership

Immediate access to the course. Lifetime Community. Cancle anytime.


Never lose access to the online FB community even after you end your membership.


You can join today for a special discount over regular pricing and keep that price for life even after we grow.


Enjoy free upgrades as we continue to improve this membership and add features.

What you get when you join.

Immediate Access to The Your Money Matters Course

Lifetime Community

Your Custom Wealth Blueprint w/ Certified Fiduciary 

Monthly Group Coaching Calls

Limited Time Discount- lock in this monthly price forever

Free Upgrades- get everything without paying more as we update the membership




  • How much time is it going to take?
    You can watch the course videos weekly, or you can watch them all at once. the course material is self-paced to fit in with your busy schedule. The monthly group calls are approximately 45 minutes long. Your one on one portfolio review will take 1h of pre-work and 90 minutes a call with an advisor.
  • Am I committed to this long term? Is there an exit?
    There is no required amount of time for you to stay in the membership. You can leave at any time. You get lifetime access to the Facebook community even after you cancel your membership.
  • How long is the course?
    This course is fifteen 20-minute lessons that are available immediately upon purchasing. The amount of time you spend implementing the information into your life is completely up to you. You are learning information that will impact you for the rest of your life. What got you here isn't what's going to get you on the path of financial independence. You can learn how to change your behaviors with the materials in this course, at your own pace.
  • How long do I have access to the membership?
    As long as you are a paid member of The Money Tree Membership you will have access to the course. Once you stop paying or exit the membership you lose access to the course content.
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